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Learn About the Correlation Between Dehydration and Blood Pressure

We all know that dehydration is bad for your body. Drinking water is essential for your body to function properly, but did you know that it can play a role in your blood pressure numbers? It seems like every function of your body is connected in some way, so you want to take care of it in every way possible. Keep reading as we dive into the relationship between dehydration and blood pressure.

Can dehydration cause low blood pressure?

Yes, dehydration can cause your blood pressure to be lower than normal. This is due to a decrease in blood volume because your body doesn’t have enough water to function properly.

Can dehydration cause high blood pressure?

high blood pressure on monitorYou’re probably curious as to if being dehydrated can cause your blood pressure to rise. The short answer is yes. But, it’s probably not the cause of hypertension.

When your body needs water, it releases a chemical called vasopressin. This chemical helps kidneys retain water so you don’t lose any more water through urination. Vasopressin also makes your blood vessels constrict, and this action causes your blood pressure to rise. You probably never knew that dehydration and blood pressure could be connected!

Other Causes of High Blood Pressure

Although dehydration can cause blood pressure to spike, it’s not the only cause of high blood pressure. Here are some of the other reasons your blood pressure will rise.

Underlying Conditions

Certain conditions can contribute to high blood pressure. They include congenital heart defects, kidney disease, thyroid issues, obstructive sleep apnea, and adrenal gland tumors.

On the other hand, sometimes there’s no identifiable cause as to why a person has high blood pressure. It’s referred to as primary hypertension or essential hypertension.

Being Overweight

There is a correlation between being overweight and blood pressure readings being higher. The excess weight causes blood vessels, kidneys, and other parts of the body to change, which results in high blood pressure.

Too Much Sodium

burger and fries from fast food restaurantWe’ve all heard that if you have high blood pressure, you should reduce your sodium intake. Most of the time, sodium in the diet comes from processed foods, fast food, and take out. When you consume a lot of sodium, your body holds onto water, and the extra water puts pressure on the blood vessel walls, which increases blood pressure.

Lack of Exercise

Getting regular movement in your day helps your heart and blood vessels stay strong and healthy, which could help lower blood pressure. So when you aren’t regularly exercising, you aren’t ensuring that your body is performing at its best.


When you become stressed or anxious, your emotional state causes a physical reaction in your body. Your blood pressure can spike temporarily when you’re in a high-stress situation. But if you are chronically stressed, your body will take the toll.

How We Can Help Manage Dehydration and Blood Pressure

If you find yourself struggling with both dehydration and blood pressure issues, you don’t have to combat them alone. Elite Personalized Medicine provides patients with several services that can keep you hydrated and reduce the risk of high blood pressure.

Diagnostic Testing

At our personalized medical center, we can run diagnostic testing to get to the root of symptoms you’re experiencing. It could reveal an underlying medical condition that affects your blood pressure.

Weight Loss Programs

Atlanta weight loss systemYou don’t have to go on a weight loss journey alone and confused. Our Weight Loss Program experts can walk you through the process and give you guidance on habits to change, what to eat, how to exercise, and more. By losing weight, you can help reduce the risk of high blood pressure.

IV Therapy

If you’re someone who struggles with staying hydrated, it may benefit you to participate in our IV Hydration therapy. When you receive nutrients, vitamins, and fluids through an IV, it absorbs into your body quicker than if you were to digest them.

Now you know more about the relationship between dehydration and blood pressure, as well as risk factors for high blood pressure. Want to learn more about how we can help you with your health issues? Reach out to us for more information!

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