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Your Guide on How to Treat Menopause Symptoms

Menopause has a laundry list of symptoms. From hot flashes and difficulty sleeping to mood changes and painful sex, those going through the menopausal transition shouldn’t have to suffer without any kind of treatment. At our functional medicine center, you can get help with how to treat menopause symptoms. Here’s our approach to how we can treat them:

Hormone Replacement Therapy

woman with doctorAs Atlanta’s leading hormone replacement therapy provider, our bioidentical hormones are a natural, safe, and reliable way to treat hormone imbalance and menopause symptoms. Each individual receives a personalized treatment plan according to their own evaluation and needs.  

Dietary Supplements

We offer a variety of the leading dietary supplements to combat the symptoms of menopause. DHEA is a hormone produced by the adrenal glands, and a DHEA supplement supports estrogen levels and testosterone levels, maintains energy levels, and affects your metabolism and immune response.  Pregnenolone is another supplement we recommend, as it is a “master hormone” needed to maintain optimal hormone balance. Menopausal individuals can have an insufficiency of pregnenolone, which causes moodiness, fatigue, and memory issues. Fem Guard+ Balance and Menopause SAP are two more supplements we offer to help treat menopause. Fem Guard+ Balance contains vital ingredients such as DIM and chrysin to protect and promote beneficial estrogen aromatase activity, simply meaning healthy and balanced hormone levels. It also contains B vitamins, calcium, magnesium, and other helpful ingredients for overall wellness. Finally, Femarin is a blend of botanicals formulated to support a balanced menopausal transition. Besides addressing hormonal and inflammatory balances, it also provides antioxidant, bone, and cardiovascular support for full spectrum protection and relief from menopause symptoms. 

Lifestyle Modifications

women yogaBesides hormone therapy and dietary supplements, there are actions you can take that can make a difference in how you feel. Consider the following:

  • Quit smoking– Smoking has been linked to hot flash symptoms, so quitting will invariably improve your quality of life and reduce the risk for other health concerns. 
  • Ensure a proper diet– Getting all of the right nutrients and vitamins in your diet is important to feel your best. Especially take note to get enough Vitamin D and calcium as they are crucial for bone and overall health for those with menopause.
  • Maintain a healthy weight and exercise routine– Eating whole foods and striving for 150 minutes per week of cardio is vital for maintaining a healthy weight, lowering stress, and improving wellness. 

We also offer health coaching services to help you create and maintain healthy habits that will not only improve your physical wellness but also your mental health! This personalized plan identifies and fixes personal barriers, uses accountability to secure long-term results, and provides non-judgemental support. 

Whether you’re thinking about hormone replacement therapy or want to discuss which supplement would be right for you, we would be happy to consult with you about your options. Menopause isn’t a disease but rather a transition, and we hope this guide on how to treat menopause symptoms was helpful. Please reach out to our caring and professional team with any questions and to get started on a journey to finding the most effective treatment for you. 

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