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Achieve Health and Wellness From the Inside Out

We offer functional medicine therapies such as chiropractic, hormone therapy and IV nutrition at our center in Peachtree Corners.


Get fast relief from muscle and joint pain with chiropractic treatments.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Treat hormone imbalances to address symptoms impacting your health.

IV Nutrition & IV Hydration

Replenish nutrient deficiencies using vitamin and mineral IV therapies.

We Offer a Personalized Approach to Functional Medicine

At Elite Personalized Medicine, our team of medical and health practitioners focuses on healing the whole body. We believe true health is achieved through a holistic understanding of the patient, along with developing a personalized plan and putting it into action.
Elite Personalized Medicine Team

Our Functional Medicine Team Is Elite

The team at Elite Personalized Medicine takes a science-based approach to physical and mental well-being.

Our goal is to deliver transformational health by studying the underlying causes of an illness. Let us help you reclaim your health and wellness.

Our Elite Personalized Plans Encompass These Areas

Treat any bone, muscle and joint issues with hands-on spinal realignment.
Restore and maintain health and well-being using personalized treatments.
Create and support health and lifestyle changes for sustained wellness.
Increase hormone levels using plant-derived sources for improved health.
Get a fast energy boost of hydration and nutrients with infusion therapy.
A healthy approach to weight loss with custom fitness and lifestyle plans.

Our Mission at Elite Personalized Medicine Is Clear

A woman gaining health and wellness through functional medicine


Reclaim wellness and get the results you deserve.


Replenish and restore your health at a cellular level.


Revive your best self and awaken the best in you.