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Goal-Oriented Weight Loss Planning in Peachtree Corners

Attempting to lose weight can be an overwhelming process. At Elite Personalized Medicine, our integrative system ensures you get the benefits of conventional dieting and functional medicine to build long-lasting healthy practices.

We take the confusion out of weight loss with an individualized program built around your diet goals. Our structured approach incorporates personal evaluations, goal setting, accountability – and everything else required to achieve sustainable weight loss.

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Why Weight Loss Is Important to Your Health

Trying to lose weight is a daily battle faced by so many of us. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicates that around 73% of Americans are classified as overweight or obese. This added weight can have severe consequences as fat builds up around vital organs. With the increased potential for cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other chronic diseases, you want a weight loss solution that delivers results.

Weight gain can be triggered by many factors. For instance, as we get older, hormone imbalances cause weight gain in men and women alike. We’ll help you get to the root cause of your weight gain and provide a plan to lose the weight – along with strategies to avoid it in the future.

Weight Loss Designed by Medical Practitioners

At Elite Personalized Medicine, we give our patients a different approach to weight loss. In contrast to the cycle of losing weight then regaining it as motivation wears off, we provide manageable lifestyle changes that stick. To achieve this, several challenges must be addressed.

  • Diet – Processed foods, large portions and snacking.
  • Lifestyle – Stress, lack of sleep and limited physical exercise.
  • Accountability – No motivational partner offering encouragement.
  • Commitment – Failure to commit to ongoing healthy practices.

Our Weight Loss Program Provides a Solution

When creating a weight loss program, we focus on the individual. The process begins with a meeting with our nurse practitioner in Peachtree Corners. Here we assess medical history and create achievable dietary goals. Patients receive diet plans, meal plans, supplement lists and everything necessary for success. Our weight loss programs might also include recommendations for IV nutrition and IV hydration therapies too.

Subsequent visits to your practitioner will include body composition analysis and evaluation of results. Throughout this process, it’s our goal to build positive nutritional and lifestyle habits, expand your understanding of weight loss through education, as well as create accountability with ongoing support. The result is sustained weight management without a cycle of setbacks.

Common Questions About Weight Loss

We believe the right supplements can aid weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. Supplements can help suppress hunger and prepare the body for fat burning.

Looking at the individual elements of fat, minerals, protein and water gives greater insight into your body, and enables customized weight loss planning.

Functional medicine addresses the root causes of health concerns and uses a holistic treatment approach. By assessing the many reasons why people become overweight – and struggle to maintain good health – we can deliver a tailored treatment plan.

Results-Driven Weight Loss Programs for Atlanta, Peachtree Corners and Beyond

Elite Personalized Medicine develops custom weight loss programs based on the personal goals of each patient. To discuss a practical weight loss system that delivers results, contact our Peachtree Corners center. Call (770) 416-1070 or request an appointment today.

Our Functional Medicine Services Are Elite

Elite Personalized Medicine provides comprehensive wellness plans and integrative treatment services that heal the body and restore health from the inside out.
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Relieve bone, muscle and joint pain with non-invasive, hands-on chiropractic treatments.

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Functional medicine identifies the root causes of a disease and treats them, rather than simply treating symptoms of illness.

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Hormone Replacement Therapy

Fix hormone imbalances in both women and men – slow down aging, combat fatigue and improve your libido.
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Receive a quick energy boost of essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients with our IV infusion or IV injection therapy.

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Health Coaching

Personalized health coaching for improved overall wellness, developing healthy habits and achieving goals.

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Weight Loss

Customized weight loss planning and fitness programs that are sustainable for long-term success.