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Elite Personalized Medicine is the leading provider of functional medicine for Peachtree Corners, Atlanta and the surrounding cities. Our practitioners work closely with patients to deliver individualized wellness plans for the treatment of many chronic illnesses. Unlike most approaches to health care, functional medicine aims to find and treat the cause of illness using an integrated and holistic approach. Our goal is not to manage your symptoms, but to transform your health.

Functional medicine treatments in Atlanta

Functional Medicine and Integrative Wellness

Functional medicine is a patient-focused approach to treating disease. Essentially, functional medicine takes a step back and considers the patient as a whole. This ensures our functional medicine doctor can identify and treat the root cause of an illness. In contrast to conventional medicine, we use a personalized approach that looks at a person’s molecular and genetic profile, lifestyle and environment. By understanding how these factors interact, our practitioners can combine the benefits of modern medicine and holistic treatment in therapeutic partnership.

How Functional Medicine Works for Our Patients

Functional medicine is not intended to be a one-way conversation between a doctor and their patient. The process works by empowering each patient to take control of their overall health. Advances in the science of a person’s molecular and genetic profile can help us understand how to correct and balance the root causes of chronic diseases. In practice, this allows us to deliver precise treatments without side effects. Here is our approach.

  • Detailed assessment – Analysis of medical history, diet and lifestyle.
  • Laboratory testing – Targeted lab tests, including genetics, gut, hormones and stress checks.
  • Leverage data – Develop a personalized plan in collaboration with each patient.
  • Holistic care – Integrate health coaching, weight loss, hormone replacement therapy and supplements.

Our Functional Medicine Services

Health Coaching

Health coaching is an undervalued tool in treating the causes of disease. A health coach works with patients to establish positive habits that build a foundation for good health and overall wellness.

For those attempting to lose weight and follow a healthy diet, manage a chronic disease and cope with stress, primary goals can often feel out of reach. To counter this, a health coach can help ensure progress by bringing support and accountability.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is a treatment that tackles health concerns such as fatigue, anxiety, weight gain, loss of libido, sleeplessness and memory loss. Many people experience some of these symptoms as they get older, but they may struggle to pinpoint a cause on their own, or even with their primary care physician.

We know that a hormone imbalance in men and women is common, and we can identify it by testing for low testosterone, low cortisol and other factors. By determining the imbalance, our Peachtree Corners practitioners can recommend plant-derived compounds that mirror the hormones your body produces.

Weight Loss

Obesity is a growing issue in Atlanta and across the country, but most weight loss advice and programs fall short. The lack of personalization in most approaches is part of the reason that most diet and fitness plans fall short of successful outcomes.

At Elite Personalized Medicine, we are different. Our weight loss plans are designed for you, and just for you – integrating your body fat, protein, minerals and water along with medical history, lifestyle and budget. This approach can ensure that each patient has the tools, education and motivation to reach their weight loss goals.

Functional Medicine Supported by Dietary Supplements

Supplements and herbs make up a key component of our treatment plans. Through our nutritional guidance we can recommend vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other supplements to deliver precise therapeutic outcomes. All supplements recommended by Elite Personalized Medicine have been assessed for the integrity of their science, ingredients and manufacturing processes.

Common Questions About Functional Medicine

Conventional medicine frequently treats diseases with specific medications. In contrast, functional medicine aims to discover why an individual has an illness, focusing on lifestyle, diet, environment, genetics and a range of other factors.

Functional medicine is used to treat many conditions, including arthritis, asthma, back pain, cardiovascular disease, depression, diabetes, food allergies, insomnia, menopause, migraines, obesity, testosterone deficiency, thyroid disorders and more.

Extensive laboratory testing is one of the key features and benefits of functional medicine. Various types of lab tests are used to determine problem areas and deliver precise diagnostic information. Some examples of lab tests are the 24-hour adrenal stress index, a full thyroid panel and gut permeability labs.

Personalized Functional Medicine Provider Serving Peachtree Corners, Atlanta and Beyond

Elite Personalized Medicine is the premier functional medicine center in the Atlanta area. If you want an individualized treatment that focuses on the cause of your illness, our diagnostic and treatment system can help. For a consultation, call (770) 416-1070 or make an appointment now.

Our Functional Medicine Services Are Elite

Elite Personalized Medicine provides comprehensive wellness plans and integrative treatment services that heal the body and restore health from the inside out.
A man getting chiropractic care at Elite Personalized Medicine in Atlanta


Relieve bone, muscle and joint pain with non-invasive, hands-on chiropractic treatments.

Atlanta functional medicine center


Functional medicine identifies the root causes of a disease and treats them, rather than simply treating symptoms of illness.

A woman undergoing hormone replacement therapy

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Fix hormone imbalances in both women and men – slow down aging, combat fatigue and improve your libido.

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Receive a quick energy boost of essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients with our IV infusion or IV injection therapy.

A woman talking with her functional medicine health coach

Health Coaching

Personalized health coaching for improved overall wellness, developing healthy habits and achieving goals.

Woman excited about her progress at the Atlanta weight loss clinic

Weight Loss

Customized weight loss planning and fitness programs that are sustainable for long-term success.