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Elite Personalized Medicine is the premier provider of chiropractic treatments, functional medicine and health and wellness care in Peachtree Corners, Atlanta and the surrounding cities. Our experienced team believes that the path to optimal health is achieved through individualized planning. Driven by a patient-centered approach to health care, we are passionate about improving your long-term physical and mental health.

Every visitor to our Peachtree Corners functional medicine center will have their own well-being goals, and we are here to provide dedicated support throughout your personal wellness journey.

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Integrative Health Treatments Offered Throughout Atlanta and Across Georgia

At Elite Personalized Medicine, we tailor treatments based on a person’s individual characteristics. The concept of personalized care is not new. However, much of the traditional health and wellness industry fails to determine the root cause of medical issues.

By focusing on the genetic and molecular profile of an individual, we can create a custom health plan that provides long-lasting good health and well-being. The treatments available at our Peachtree Corners functional medicine center are designed to ensure patients can enjoy exceptional patient care, relevant lifestyle education – and the support required for long-term success.

Chiropractic Care Treatment

Chiropractic care involves the use of spinal alignment to improve mobility and reduce pain. Dr. Lee Strickland uses manual techniques and specialized tools to manipulate the spine, freeing up joints that are causing back, neck and shoulder pain as well as other ailments. With over 26 years of chiropractic experience, Dr. Strickland is skilled in many techniques that increase function and prevent pain.

Chiropractic treatments are frequently associated with addressing back pain. As acute and chronic lower back pain affects so many people in Atlanta and across the country, targeted treatment is vitally important. In addition to back pain issues, Elite Personalized Medicine provides many other areas of specialty chiropractic care.

  • Headaches and migraines
  • Scoliosis
  • Whiplash
  • Carpal tunnel
  • Vertigo
  • Ear infections
  • Arm and leg pain
  • Disc injuries

The careful adjustment of the spine also goes beyond a reduction in physical pain. Chiropractic care looks at your body holistically, focusing on the connections between bones, muscles and joints. Through the use of targeted treatment, patients can increase mobility, improve posture – and experience overall health benefits.

Functional Medicine Treatments

Functional medicine is an integrative approach to health and wellness. This discipline includes a variety of holistic health practices that can be personalized for each individual. At Elite Personalized Medicine, visitors to our functional medicine center work in partnership with our medical practitioners to uncover the root cause of a health issue, and then develop a tailored solution.

It is widely acknowledged that lifestyle plays an important role in a person’s health. Factors like diet, physical activity, mental health, stress and even sleep patterns will influence how you feel on a daily basis, along with the likelihood that you may experience health issues.

To deal with the challenges of healthy living, we provide health coaching services. Using proven motivational strategies for habit adjustment and lifestyle changes, a health coach provides support and accountability to patients.

Our medical practitioners also apply personalized treatments to tackle a range of conditions. For example, losing weight can make a dramatic difference to long-term health, but it can be challenging to keep the weight off. Our comprehensive weight loss program provides a manageable solution that includes guidance, nutritional supplements and support. In addition, men and women who are experiencing the signs of aging may benefit from hormone replacement therapy to overcome a hormone imbalance.

IV Hydration and IV Nutrition Therapy

IV therapy is proving to be an increasingly popular component of a health and wellness routine. Patients visit us for IV infusions or injections, including personalized nutrition and hydration solutions. Combinations of nutrients (including vitamins, minerals and amino acids) are administered to rehydrate the body, boost energy, remove toxins and increase mental clarity – along with other health benefits.

Our doctor-formulated IV infusions are delivered via a drip at our friendly and comfortable location. Patients can rest in comfortable recliners as the custom cocktails of nutrients are quickly absorbed into the organs. The process provides almost immediate benefits when you are feeling worn down, getting over an illness, or recovering from physical activity and need a boost.

As an option, you could choose a vitamin injection of lab-compounded nutrients. Vitamin shots take only a few minutes, with rapid absorption through the muscle tissue. When you need to feel invigorated or just want to unwind, a vitamin injection is an effective solution.

Expert Health and Wellness Treatments in Peachtree Corners

Elite Personalized Medicine provides the highest quality functional medicine, IV therapy and chiropractic treatments in Peachtree Corners. We help patients in Atlanta and the surrounding cities in Georgia achieve their personal health and wellness goals. To visit us, call (770) 416-1070 or request an appointment now.

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    Our Functional Medicine Services Are Elite

    Elite Personalized Medicine provides comprehensive wellness plans and integrative treatment services that heal the body and restore health from the inside out.
    A man getting chiropractic care at Elite Personalized Medicine in Atlanta


    Relieve bone, muscle and joint pain with non-invasive, hands-on chiropractic treatments.

    Atlanta functional medicine center


    Functional medicine identifies the root causes of a disease and treats them, rather than simply treating symptoms of illness.

    A woman undergoing hormone replacement therapy

    Hormone Replacement Therapy

    Fix hormone imbalances in both women and men – slow down aging, combat fatigue and improve your libido.

    Patient getting IV hydration at Elite Personalized Medicine in Atlanta


    Receive a quick energy boost of essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients with our IV infusion or IV injection therapy.

    A woman talking with her functional medicine health coach

    Health Coaching

    Personalized health coaching for improved overall wellness, developing healthy habits and achieving goals.

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    Weight Loss

    Customized weight loss planning and fitness programs that are sustainable for long-term success.