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A Complete Guide to Functional Medicine Genetic Testing

We want to inform our community about the many genetic tests that reveal valuable information about a person’s health. From heart and brain health to thyroid disorders and nutrient deficiency, functional medicine genetic testing provides a clear and personalized direction for treatment options. 

Why is genetic testing important? 

The human body contains around 20,000 genes, vital for every bodily function. Genetic tests look for changes in your DNA that impact your body negatively and could explain how you’re feeling. With our help, you can discover if you’re genetically more vulnerable to a particular disease, identify risk factors, understand why you’re struggling to lose weight, and so much more.

How does functional medicine approach genetic tests? 

urine test stripsAt its core, functional medicine is all about treating the individual rather than treating the surface symptoms. Personalized healthcare is achieved through one-on-one consultations, thorough lab testing, and a treatment plan that works to resolve the underlying health condition. Diet, lifestyle choices, and natural supplements are key components, then prescription medication can be utilized, but it’s never the first or only treatment option. Genetic testing gives us an in-depth view and clearer answers as to the type of personalized treatment you can benefit from the most. 

What are some examples of genetic testing?

Some of the most common functional medicine genetic testing includes methylation, COMT, and homocysteine or MTHFR tests. Take a look at a breakdown of each of these tests:

Methylation Genetic Testing: This comprehensive DNA test looks at your genes’ function and pathways, providing helpful insight into detecting risk factors for disease. Any defects found through the methylation test can help determine possible nutrient deficiencies, cognitive decline, mental health conditions, risk of heart disease, and even cancer. 

Testing for the COMT Gene: This gene is deeply involved with controlling how your brain reacts to stress, so it plays a crucial role in mental and emotional health. Problems with sleep, depression, anxiety, and hormone changes can be related to a COMT mutation, so this test can help us better understand your biochemistry and come up with a solution to improve your mood and overall wellness.

Homocysteine Genetic Testing: This is a specific blood test used to determine the levels of the amino acid homocysteine, which can help identify heart disease risk as well as find out if you have a nutritional deficiency. The B vitamins, especially folate, are responsible for breaking down this amino acid, so if the test reveals high levels of homocysteine, it could indicate a B vitamin deficiency. Another part of this test can include looking at the MTHFR gene, which is connected to ensuring folate is processed as it should. 

Why should you consider taking a genetic test?

blood test being analyzed at a labThere are many reasons why a person could benefit from genetic testing. You could be experiencing symptoms with no clear diagnosis and are tired of simply masking them with prescription medication. Or, you could simply want to learn more about your body and maintain optimal health. Our functional medical team is passionate about preventative care, and we want to help our patients take steps toward better health. 

Genetic Testing at Elite Personalized Medicine 

Our functional medical center in Atlanta GA proudly provides exceptional care beyond treating your symptoms. Part of our integrative medicine practices involves uncovering the root causes of your health issues. Genetic testing lets us get a complete picture of your overall health and influence our treatment plans accordingly. We believe it’s essential for you to be able to make informed decisions about your well-being! You can come to us for methylation, COMT, and homocysteine genetic testing, in addition to a variety of other lab tests to determine the best course of action. 

Functional medicine genetic testing is just one of the many aspects of how we approach health and wellness. Learn more about how functional medicine can help you take control of your health. Our expert team is only a phone call away– we look forward to educating and empowering you throughout your health journey!

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