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male vs female weight loss

Male vs. Female Weight Loss: Understanding the Differences

Is it really harder for women to lose weight than it is for men? If you’re frustrated by your weight loss goals and see others, particularly men, losing weight more easily, then you’re not alone. We want to discuss male vs. female weight loss and why these differences matter. Of course, there are exceptions – thyroid disease, metabolic conditions, and other medical situations can disrupt these differences in male and female bodies, but it can be helpful to understand these generalized facts about genetics, body types, and hormones when it comes to weight loss.

Why do men lose weight faster than women?

Body Composition

body compositionSometimes, it simply comes down to genetics. Women typically have more body fat and less muscle mass naturally, while men have a naturally higher metabolic rate. Since having more muscle mass means that your body naturally burns more calories and fat even while sitting, it makes sense that men would be able to shed extra pounds quickly and easily. Bone structure is another factor worth mentioning. Male and female bodies are built differently, and that means the approach to losing weight can be different.

Fat Distribution

How your body stores fat is also why women can struggle to lose weight more than men. For women, fat is commonly stored in the thighs, hips, and buttocks first, which is harder to lose, while men typically gain weight in their abdomen first– this type of visceral fat can be burned faster due to their higher metabolism.


Male vs. female weight loss has a lot to do with hormone fluctuations. Women can experience both pregnancy and menopause after puberty, resulting in vast changes in hormone levels. Increased body fat and weight don’t always go away after pregnancy, and menopause affects your metabolism and muscle mass, which can make it harder to lose weight. Other hormonal conditions like Hashimoto’s and PCOS also make weight control more difficult for women.

What can I do to overcome obstacles to weight loss?

  • Follow a Mediterranean diet, focusing on lean protein, healthy fats, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.
  • Get in your 10k steps each day; walking is one of the best forms of exercise!
  • Don’t neglect strength training. Whether you use weights, resistance bands, or simple exercises like yoga and pilates, this will encourage muscle mass growth, which helps you burn more fat and boost metabolism.

Ask about semaglutide for weight loss. If you struggle with insulin resistance, you could be a great candidate for a GLP-1 medication to aid in your weight loss efforts.

Personalized Weight Loss at Elite Personalized Medicine

nutritionist female doctor using digital mobile tablet with virtual graphic icon diagram and vegetable and fruit with patient on desk at office hospital, nutrition, food science, healthy food conceptUnderstanding male vs. female weight loss is a crucial part of what we do. Our healthcare and nutrition specialists take the time to not only find out what will work best for your body but also help to identify and remove any barriers to weight loss. We believe diet, exercise, and other lifestyle changes should be the top priority, while supplements and weight loss medications can come alongside and offer extra support if needed. Most of all, we offer consistent motivation and support through manageable habits for a healthy lifestyle that breaks the cycle of losing weight and then gaining it all back.

Get in touch with us about our personalized weight loss program, and let us help you achieve your health goals with long-term, results-driven success!

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