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When Should I Get an IV? Where Should I Get an IV?

Who could benefit from getting a nutrient IV?

The short answer, pretty much anyone. That’s right! When it comes to IVs, the benefits are endless. While there are some exceptions and certain health conditions must be considered, most individuals can benefit greatly from receiving a nutrient IV.

Where should I get an IV?

When bypassing the stomach and going straight into the bloodstream, you bypass all your body’s built-in mechanisms of safeguarding and filtering. With that said, it is EXTREMELY important that you know what is in the IV and are receiving it directly from experienced licensed medical professionals such as those at Elite Personalized Medicine.

IV administration of bioavailable nutrients may be ideal for those you have not seen the desired improvement from oral supplementation. Administering the same nutrients intravenously is the most efficient way to get nutrients into the body because you can bypass the digestion process, which allows for better absorption. Those dealing with Anemia, malnutrition, thyroid conditions, to name a few, could potentially benefit. To simplify, we have outlined some health conditions and scenarios that commonly benefit from nutrient IV therapy.

Supporting the Immune System

Some nutrient IVs seem to improve acute immune function when combating a cold or virus. So, if you are feeling under the weather, or if you are trying to avoid the cold/flu circulating around, perhaps a nutrient IV may benefit you.

On a larger scale, those with certain autoimmune conditions may also benefit. Often with conditions such as IBS, Crohn’s or certain cancers, IVs help to deliver nutrients to the body without upsetting one’s stomach or relying on damaged digestive tract to absorb nutrients. Moreover, it’s these group of patients that typically are lacking in essential nutrients in vitamins due to their body’s inability to properly digest and absorb nutrients, and in turn, lowering their immune function.


Whether you are feeling fatigue due to a health condition, jetlag or simply hangover, certain IVs that include B vitamins and antioxidants may be able to help. These IVs provide a healthy source of energy without relying on the jittery side effects of caffeine and sugar.

Supporting the Body’s Healing Process

Certain vitamin and nutrient combinations including amino acids can help with cell repair, thus assisting in the healing process of a wound or injury. For this reason, athletes or those who have recently been in an accident will benefit greatly from IVs.

Maintaining Proper Hydration

IVs are great for helping you stay hydrated. This in turn helps to prevent certain health concerns such as developing kidney stones, muscle cramps, headaches, and constipation. If you frequently experience any of these symptoms, lack of proper hydration could be at play. In this case, IVs may be able to help.

Anti-Aging and Weight Loss

IVs containing antioxidants can help with the aging process. Because antioxidants help to repair cell damage, strengthen the immune system, detox the liver, and assist in metabolism, receiving regular nutrient IV’s can help you look and feel younger!

What types of health conditions should be considered when receiving nutrient IVs?

While certainly not an exhaustive list, the health concerns listed above are a great start to understanding whether you may benefit from nutrient IV Therapy. With this said, the best way to find out if nutrient IV therapy is right for you, is to speak with one of our physicians at Elite Personalized Medicine. Some health concerns such as kidney disease or heart conditions may prevent you from being an ideal candidate to receive IVs. With this said, our medical professionals are trained to provide customized and functional health care that fits your individual health needs. Please contact us and we would be happy to answer any questions you have.

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