Weight Loss

No matter where you are in the journey, we can help you achieve the results you desire.

Elite 3-Phase Approach

Lose Weight. Gain New Life.

Today, effective weight loss means addressing several variables.

Poor Diet: Most of us eat ethnically or habitually, or follow the recommendations of the processed food and fast food industry who encourage us to eat much more than we need to and more poorly than we should. This also extends to the oversized food portions being served in the more popular restaurants.

Lack of Accountability: Successful weight loss is best accomplished by being accountable to someone.

Failure to Commit: Successful, healthy weight loss can require a commitment of six months to two years, with a lifetime commitment to a new healthy lifestyle to keep it off.

If we fail to prepare the mind and body for rapid weight loss, it is likely that there will be limited success. For many, the weight comes right back after their diet program concludes.

We believe in a three phased approach to weight loss.

Phase I

  • Goal setting sheet
  • Lab work
  • Detox Program Kit
  • Patient Guide
  • Meal Replacement Shake
  • Supporting Supplements
  • Electronic Hand mixer
  • Weight Loss injection
  • Follow-up visit

Phase II

  • 40-day Supply of hCG Medication
  • Supporting Supplements
  • Digital Program Guide
  • Weekly Weigh-in Visits
  • Weekly Fat Burner Injections
  • Checkpoint with NP
  • Wrap-up Visits with NP

Phase III

  • Meal replacement shake
  • 2-Week Clean Eating Guide
  • Wrap up visit with NP

The Way You Feel Matters

How Each Program Works
You will begin by meeting with our nurse practitioner to identify baseline lab values and to discuss your personal goals. We will walk you through your program while providing you with all of the tools to achieve peak weight loss results.

During Phase II, the nurse practitioner will conduct a progress review at the midway point of the program and again at the end.

All phases include tip sheets and helpful information about the lifestyle changes that can enhance results as well as food recommendations and recipes.

Weight Loss Plans

Phase I - Preparation

This phase will last 7 days.
During this phase, we will supply you with a guide book that includes instructions, meal plans, grocery list, recipes, as well as all the necessary supplements to help decongest your liver so that it is prepared for optimal processing of fat loss. Typical results will be a loss of 5 – 10 pounds, increased energy, improved mental clarity, and better sleep.

Phase II - Acceleration

This phase lasts 40 days.
During this phase, we use something called human chorionic gonadotropin or hCG that works to accomplish two significant goals for weight loss. First, hCG preps the body to burn fat. Second, it induces satiety—the signal that tells the body you are satisfied and reduces feelings of hunger.

This program includes a digital guide of instructions as well as tips and tricks to succeed. 90% of people who do an cHG program lose 15 pounds or more.

Phase III - Sustain

This phase lasts 14 days.
During this phase, we will provide you with a meal replacement in addition to lifestyle guide which includes meal plans, grocery list, and recipes to ease you out of the acceleration phase and transition you back into a clean healthy daily routine.

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